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9.28.2016 Update: Oregon Appeals Court rules: The Associated Press

4.29.2014 Update: KPTV FOX 12 - Student Sues PSU: Go to segment

8.23.2013 Update: I have initiated a petition on Change.org. Please join this campaign: Go to petition

To my friends overseas: I can understand the difficulty in negotiating the Great Firewall. May I suggest sourcing a competent IT professional (If you require references please let me know) that may assist in establishing a connection to my petition, or, have an acquaintance overseas sign on your behalf with permission. Thank you again and apologies for the inconvenience.

Henry Liu

For the record, I have never broken the law in my life, arrested nor do I suffer from any form of mental illness. Furthermore I hold no proclivity towards violence. I am a law abiding Chinese-American that was wrongfully accused of a crime of which there is no truth to, violently committed against my will, and banished from PSU. Throughout this traumatic ordeal, The Constitution, my civil liberties, and right to a fair hearing were unequivocally abridged by PSU. I was fully exonerated by a thorough PPB investigation, The Multnomah Court, and OHSU. To this very day, Portland State University and its people continue to smear my name and deprive me of my rights. Following my banishment from Portland, I received notice from law school prior to a prejudicial and non-judicial hearing that my admissions had been rescinded. It has been two years since I have been Shanghaied in Portland. I now reside in Astoria, OR. It's a quaint town where I have spent the past two years healing from a traumatic ordeal. The passing gulls on the northern Oregon coast remain a constant reminder of JFK's motivational speech RE: upward mobility...This petition is about taking a stand and advocating a social message for all people. Together we shall stand helping Portland State University see itself in the mirror and repair the harm done unto myself and others. Stay with me, positive and hopeful. Justice will prevail. Thank you all for your support.

8.15.2013 Update:  The Supreme Court denied review of PSU's motion to dismiss. Furthermore, The Court's have given their preliminary opinion that PSU's hearing procedures were in violation of my Constitutional due process rights. The safeguard from arbitrary denial of life, liberty, or property was incorporated as early as 1215 A.D. (Magna Carta). Eight centuries have since passed. 

I have evaluated the present circumstances logically, including the recent judgment award against the false accuser and have decided to continue my grievance and appeal of PSU's actions in the Court of Appeals and the Justice Dept. on the merits. The actions of the school had real consequences. It had consequences of an actual trial.    

Only the hearing didn't follow proper judicial procedures as a contested case. Violations to anyone's Constitutional due process rights and civil rights are severe and egregious. The damages caused by PSU's discriminatory actions and their violations to the law will forever be permanent and hurtful.

Since the case has all to do with process and the law, I believe The Constitutional violations and my damages will be validated and proven in the court of law. "[N]or shall any person . . . be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law . . . " It's time to clear my name and regain my life back.

I will continue to seek redress from Portland State University and its people responsible for destroying my life and ruining my career. Multiple witnesses and their accounts of discrimination, intimidation, and administrative abuse have now come out. Together we stand in unity against PSU's ignorance and gang of thugs. (Link).

I have repeatedly cooperated in all facet of the inquiry to my expulsion as a promising graduate student at Portland State University. I have also made it clear that I have been unfairly profiled and dismissed based on conclusions supported not by fact or evidence but fear and bias. This entire ordeal has since weighed heavily on the hearts of my family and concerned friends.

Original Statement

I continue to deny the false accusations against me and have not been charged with any crime. Additionally, I have received an evaluation from OHSU citing a clean bill of mental health (Link). Because of PSU's violations to my guaranteed U.S. Constitutional Rights, I have been deprived of a safe and satisfying life, a life that was headed towards a professional career in law.

To seek justice against the discrimination and violations to my due process rights that have defamed my character and brought upon myself and my family undue pain and stress I have formed a defense fund to cover the costs associated with my ongoing judicial process. For the past three months and counting, I have exhausted my financial resources tangling in an unfair University hearing and appeals process.

My legal team is beginning to lay forth the necessary preparations for reaching the courts where the University's actions may be reviewed. I believe my counsel and all the assistants working on the case are doing their best to prepare a strong case. However, at each stage of the judicial process there are expenses related to printing, mailing, research, and travel.

We have also had to hire a media relations consultant to prevent our legal team from being completely overwhelmed. The civil rights defense fund is an independently administered trust account. All monies will be used for my ongoing living expenses, legal costs, and fees associated with the defense. May this message find you all well and in good health. Thank you for your continued love and support.

Henry Liu


The HENRY LIU DEFENSE FUND is an independently administered trust account. All monies will be used for Henry Liu's ongoing living expenses, legal costs, and fees associated with his defense.